New Pot Stocks to Watch as Canada’s Best Hit the Market

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"People talk about the Colorado model; people talk about the Washington model. I think someday they'll talk about the Canada model," marijuana private equity fund Privateer Holdings CEO Brendan Kennedy said to The New York Times on May 24. "By creating a tightly regulated federal system, by creating a federal license, by making it difficult to navigate in and capital-intensive, Canada has attracted a different kind of player into this industry."

Marijuana investor plans hedge fund to invest in reverse mergers

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 "We are not going to invest in something that is in violation of federal law," said Brendan Kennedy, a managing director of Seattle-based Privateer Holdings Inc., an equity investor in the medical cannabis sector that has raised $22 million and is in the midst of a $50 million raise. Privateer's portfolio investments include Tilray, a licensed Canadian marijuana producer, and Arbormain, a Washington company that leases properties to cannabis-based businesses.

Risk takers go under lock and key to join pot industry

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The company Tilray, a Canadian subsidiary of Seattle-based Privateer Holdings, operates a 70,000-square-foot warehouse on Vancouver Island. “There is a vault inside of it that’s as sophisticated as any bank vault that you’ve ever seen,” said Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer and Tilray. “We have a security team that’s former (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) members, Mounties, on staff.”

Meet Two Clean-Cut Entrepreneurs Making Weed Go Mainstream

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Privateer Holdings is the first private equity company openly investing in the legal weed industry. While a small handful of similar efforts have been publicly announced...Privateer says it has raised the most cash so far. The firm raised $22 million from investors last year and will soon close on another $50 million in funding, according to Groh.

Pot-related VC firm to close $50 million funding


The firm expects to close a $50 million equity financing by September, according to an S.E.C. disclosure it filed Tuesday. When combined with an earlier $7 million equity round, which closed a year ago, and a $15 million convertible bridge loan it obtained in February, the firm will have raised $72 million for the purpose of reinvesting in legitimate pot-related enterprises. No other marijuana-related investment fund appears to be nearly as far along.

Growth market: Legalized marijuana creates ‘huge possibilities’ for startups


And while entrepreneurs become more involved in the marijuana industry, investors are beginning to show more interest, too. That’s according to Brendan Kennedy, co-founder of a Seattle-based private equity holding company called Privateer Holdings that has acquired four marijuana-related companies in the past four years, including Leafly.