How Banks Are Transforming Canada's Cannabis Industry


"I was on this plane because I was headed north to Canada. I was flying with Brendan Kennedy. Now, imagine if Alex P. Keaton woke up one morning and decided that he was going to devote the rest of his life to creating a marijuana industry. That is Kennedy. He's a Yale School of Management grad who runs a private equity company that's devoted to buying and building marijuana businesses."

Bezos, Nadella, Ehrlichman make Upstart list of 100 most disruptive thinkers


The concept was simple enough, really: Find 100 people who truly stood out over the past 12 to 16 months, vanguards who weren't following anyone's rules but setting off on paths others would follow. 

From the Puget Sound region, we selected […] Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft: Reinventor; Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO; Founder Blue Origin: Master; Brendan Kennedy, CEO, Privateer Holdings: Backer...

With cannabis approval rising, investors are mobilizing


Privateer, which is currently raising $75 million in Series B funding, was founded in 2011 by Brendan Kennedy, Christian Groh, and Michael Blue. Privateer is hoping to capitalize on a supply chain that is, as of right now, managed poorly, severely fragmented, and still largely forced to operate in the shadows. They rightfully claim that the demand for recreational pot products has been proven, and hope to be among the first to capitalize on that demand.

Meet the Former US Officials That Are Helping Weed Go Legit


Another former Oregon-based DEA agent, Patrick Moen, left his job pursuing heroin and methamphetamine traffickers last year to join Privateer Holdings.The Seattle cannabis investment firm owns Leafly, the closest thing to a Yelp for potheads, among other industry ventures. As managing director of compliance and the company's in-house lawyer, Moen's job is to keep Privateer on the right side of the law that he used to enforce.

Investors Spent More Than $100 Million on Marijuana Businesses in the Last Two Years


The biggest news in the space hit last week, when Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund took part in the $75 million Series B round of Privateer Holdings, a private equity company that owns two marijuana companies and a website. With the deal, Founders Fund became the first brand-name venture capital firm to get involved in the pot industry. 

Silicon valley bets big on cannabis


The Silicon Valley cash injection is going to Privateer Holdings, which owns Marley Natural and Leafly. Privateer chief executive Brendan Kennedy, who was educated at Yale, told the Los Angeles Times: "Six to 12 months from now there will be investment banks who will have analysts following cannabis like they follow healthcare or agricultural commodities."

Founder of PayPal bets on US taste for cannabis


PayPal’s co-founder, Peter Thiel, has made a multimillion-pound investment in the US cannabis industry even though the drug is only legal in a handful of states. His venture capital firm, Founders Fund, has become the first institutional investor in Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based company that owns marijuana-related businesses.

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel’s wealth goes to pot with investment in legal cannabis


However, [Peter Thiel's] Founders Fund, the San Francisco-based venture capital company he has used to back promising tech start-ups including Airbnb, Spotify and LinkedIn, has made a multimillion-dollar investment in a company involved with a product that dates back to the 5th century BC — cannabis.