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Meet Two Clean-Cut Entrepreneurs Making Weed Go Mainstream

Huffington Post

Privateer Holdings is the first private equity company openly investing in the legal weed industry. While a small handful of similar efforts have been publicly announced...Privateer says it has raised the most cash so far. The firm raised $22 million from investors last year and will soon close on another $50 million in funding, according to Groh.

Pot-related VC firm to close $50 million funding


The firm expects to close a $50 million equity financing by September, according to an S.E.C. disclosure it filed Tuesday. When combined with an earlier $7 million equity round, which closed a year ago, and a $15 million convertible bridge loan it obtained in February, the firm will have raised $72 million for the purpose of reinvesting in legitimate pot-related enterprises. No other marijuana-related investment fund appears to be nearly as far along.

Growth market: Legalized marijuana creates ‘huge possibilities’ for startups


And while entrepreneurs become more involved in the marijuana industry, investors are beginning to show more interest, too. That’s according to Brendan Kennedy, co-founder of a Seattle-based private equity holding company called Privateer Holdings that has acquired four marijuana-related companies in the past four years, including Leafly.

First pot retailer set to open in Thurston County

The Olympian

A Seattle business called Privateer Holdings, through a subsidiary called Arbormain, is working to improve the pot supply. The business has proposed a 200,000-square-foot facility in Hawks Prairie that would be leased out to processors and growers, said Patrick Moen, a managing director for Privateer. Moen shared his proposal at a recent Lacey City Council meeting.

Former Nanaimo Mountie heads security at marijuana operation

Nanaimo Bulletin

With seven years in criminal intelligence with the federal wing of the RCMP, [Jake] Ryan knows just about everybody in Canada’s crime world, so everyone involved with the company had to check out clean before he considered working for them. When Privateer Holdings’ principals proved highly credible and the company looked like a good fit for Nanaimo, he got more curious.

Lacey council sends pot issue to planning commission

The Bellingham Herald

There was more news: during the work session discussion Patrick Moen, a managing director of Privateer Holdings of Seattle, announced that Privateer, through a subsidiary called Arbormain, plans to open a 200,000-square-foot facility in the Hawks Prairie area. Spaces and equipment inside that building will be leased to marijuana producers and processors, creating hundreds of jobs, he told the council. He also expects the company to spend more than $100 million in capital improvements.

Tilray Exceptional Cannabis Products President Brendan Kennedy Interview And Podcast


Not all marijuana companies are the same. Tilray Exceptional Cannabis Products is based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and has been producing and shipping medical marijuana to its clients since April of this year. One of only thirteen companies that are licensed under Health Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regualtions (MMPR), Tilray is licensed to grow 1,500 kilograms of herb each year. According to Kennedy, however, they hope to see that number increased to 7,000 kilograms per year soon.

Business booming for medical marijuana dealer

Toronto Sun

“The walls of prohibition are coming down,” explained [Christian] Groh. “We started looking at this four years ago and it operates on so many different levels — it’s medical, it’s legal, it’s social, it’s political and financial. Not many other industries can hit all those tenants, which is interesting to me. We have an opportunity to build a $1-billion company and a multibillion net new sector.”

High Times on Wall Street


Brendan Kennedy says the High Times name and reputation could be a liability in the financial community. “A lot of what we’re doing is the opposite of that,” he says. “We’re saying this is a mainstream product consumed by mainstream people, and why can’t mainstream professional, intelligent brands be created in this industry? We’re trying to avoid the clichés.”

Meet the Financier Behind a Hot Pot Stock


There are now at least 130 public companies that claim to be in the pot business, and most of them are so-called penny stocks, defined by the SEC as stocks trading for less than $5 a share. They often trade in the risky and potentially lucrative over-the-counter market. Brendan Kennedy, chief executive officer of Privateer Holdings, a firm that invests in the marijuana industry, says he shuns the public companies. “They’re full of shenanigans and charlatans,” Kennedy says. “Most of them will revert to zero.”