Welcome to Cannabis Country: How the Green Rush Will Reshape the North Coast Economy


Others looking to set up shop include Privateer Holdings, a Seattle private equity firm with principals that include Silicon Valley venture capital superstar Peter Thiele. It picked Santa Rosa as the headquarters for its expansion into California’s cannabis market, with plans, approved by the city, to manufacture, process and distribute a line of bud varieties, hemp-oil body-care products and smoking materials dubbed Marley Natural.

Candidates Flock to Cannabis Career Fair in Denver


On January 19, over 1,000 people attended the Vangst Cannabis Career Fair, where they got some face time with some of the largest cannabis companies in Colorado. Big-name brands such as Native Roots and Leafly lined the walls of the fair. 

As Price Plummets to Historic Low, Marijuana Entrepreneurs Need to 'Pivot, or Die'


Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings, says the price per pound in Washington has "dropped precipitously" since legalization. "At the end of the day, cannabis is an agricultural product not that dissimilar from grapes or hops," he said.

Pot Power List: The Music Industry Players Fueling the Reefer Revolution


Brendan Kennedy is CEO of Privateer Holdings, which contributed $75 million to launching Marley Natural, the first family of reggae’s ganja line. Privateer also funds Leafly.com and Canadian medical marijuana producer Tilray.

Pot companies pitch their products to investors in Calgary


“Cannabis is a mainstream product consumed by mainstream people around the world,” said Brendan Kennedy, chief executive of Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based pot producer and retailer that owns a cannabis news outlet.

GeekWire 200 January update: New products, big deals and rapid growth propel startups up the list

GeekWire 200 January update: New products, big deals and rapid growth propel startups up the list


Expect a lot of activity from the GeekWire 200 list of privately-held Pacific Northwest startups in 2017. Some companies jumped more than 30 spots this month, as we fixed technical issues related to their social media scores on the GeekWire 200. Their current spots in the rankings are reflective of where they should have been rather than a big jump between December and January. They are: Leafly, up 35 spots to number 40; Valant, up 31 spots to number 97; and Azuqua, up 33 spots to number 163.

The Wishful Outlook for Marijuana Jobs in 2017


Yes, you read right, marijuana reviewers are needed as marijuana stigma is lessened and the product emerges like that of craft beer. There’s a demand for knowledgeable and insightful strain and component reviews. Sites like Leafly and wikileaf are major platforms for this type of review.

Is Marijuana the Luxury Industry’s Next Big Opportunity?


Even with marijuana legalised outright in just eight states, there are already brands emerging that could be future prospects for acquisition. The most well known is Marley Natural, launched in February 2016 by Seattle, Washington-headquartered Privateer Holdings, a cannabis-focused private-equity firm that has raised $122 million in funding.

Leading Cannabis Companies to Present to NYC Institutional Investors


Investment bank Cowen and Company, which initiated coverage on the cannabis industry in September, is hosting a gathering of institutional investors in New York City on January 12th. Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings, will participate.

Cannabis Industry Set for Wild Growth

 Cannabis Industry Set for Wild Growth


Privateer Holdings CEO Brendan Kennedy says the international medical marijuana industry is posed to become a $100 billion opportunity in a decade. Looking abroad, Kennedy says, Canada should become the first world power to legalize recreational cannabis at the federal level. Germany will become the second nation to legalize medical cannabis at the federal level, with insurance companies covering its use for many conditions, he says.

Year in Review: North Coast braces for change as marijuana industry stakes out legal future


Santa Rosa rolled out the welcome mat for the marijuana business in industrial zones, approving plans in August for a Seattle investment firm, Privateer Holdings, to become the city’s first pot processor licensed under new city rules. The firm’s products, already sold in California dispensaries, are marketed under a brand affiliated with Bob Marley, the late, famed Jamaican reggae singer and cannabis user. “This is kind of historic,” David Guhin, director of the city’s Permit and Economic Development department, said at the time.

Pot blocks: obstacles keep small business owners from a multibillion-dollar market


“Right now, I think most of the businesses operating in the cannabis industry are small businesses,” says Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings, a private equity firm that specializes in the cannabis industry.

This Year Brought a Seismic Shift in the U.S. Marijuana Industry, Cannabis Entrepreneurs Say


Brendan Kennedy, the co-founder of Peter Thiel-backed Privateer Holdings, which owns various marijuana companies like Marley Natural and Canadian pharmaceutical-grade cannabis producer Tilray, says 2016 brought the industry into the global market. "We project the global medical cannabis industry to be a $100 billion total opportunity within the next several decades," says Kennedy.

Businesses look forward to Canada’s legal-pot push in 2017

Businesses look forward to Canada’s legal-pot push in 2017


“Canada will be the first G7 nation, in 2017, to legalize, regulate and restrict access to recreational cannabis,” says Brendan Kennedy, president of B.C.-based marijuana producer Tilray. “The eyes of the world are on Canada, and it’s extremely important for Canada to get this right."

Canada's Marijuana Legalization Could Alter Its Relations With U.S.

Canada's Marijuana Legalization Could Alter Its Relations With U.S.


Each U.S. state that has legalized marijuana has a self-contained supply chain, said Brendan Kennedy, global president of Tilray, a licensed medical cannabis producer based in Nanaimo, B.C. “Since that’s the case currently in the U.S., I think we’re probably a decade away from the international trade involving recreational cannabis,” he said.