Getting baked in California


The passing of Proposition 64 in 2016, which legalised marijuana for recreational use, has been seen as a watershed moment for many in the industry. One thing’s for sure: being a stoner has never been more stylish. Online, you can even compare and contrast strains on Leafly – which is like Yelp, but for pot.

After nearly seven “dog years”, Privateer Holdings racks up a bunch of significant firsts


To understand how the company has established itself as a worldwide leader in the cannabis industry, CBE caught up with Kennedy as he agreed to share the story of the growth of the company, their plans starting out, and the opportunities they found along the way that helped Privateer expand their presence to four continents and multiple countries around the globe.

The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles


Last year, the cannabis Web site Leafly held a pot-brownie contest to coincide with college basketball’s March Madness tournament. Recipes from Martha Stewart, Mario Batali, and Julia Child faced off against pot-oriented recipes from publications like Edibles List and High Times

Republicans want to legalize it too: Meet the conservatives fighting for marijuana reform


"The main thing I hope I can do is just ask [conservatives] to consider if they can support prohibition and be conservative," Lee told Leafly at the time. "I don't know why Republicans have been paying homage to this law [against marijuana], like it was handed down to us by Moses, when it was passed in 1937 as part of the New Deal. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious."

Seniors turning to cannabis for relief – and businesses are all in


Seniors interviewed for this article said they spend $10 to $50 a week on cannabis products, depending on the severity of their condition. Seniors’ discounts are now available through licensed producers such as Tilray, based in Nanaimo, B.C., and the Cannaclinics chain of dispensaries in Vancouver and Toronto.

In an Effort to Win Over Soccer Moms, Some Marijuana Brands Ditch Stoner Culture


Brendan Kennedy, who runs private equity firm Privateer Holdings, which raised over $100 million from the likes of Peter Thiel, doesn't like the word stoner, either. Kennedy, who is not a pot consumer himself, says the industry wouldn't be where it is today without the foundation activists built. But he believes marijuana is much bigger than the subculture that has nurtured the movement.

24 Weed Events On 4/20 2017 In Seattle


Mike Epps—known for his comedic performances in movies including The Hangover, Friday After Next, and Next Friday—will headline at this cannabis-centered comedy special held in honor of 4/20. He'll be joined by Kate Berlant (who you might have seen on the Netflix original series The Characters) and local comedy hero Emmett Montgomery. The proceeds will benefit Rise Up ("a social impact initiative created by the cannabis brand Marley Natural that promotes Bob Marley's vision of positive social change, environmental sustainability, and social justice") who will in turn give the proceeds to the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

4/20 Weed Day Meaning: These Apps Will Help You Legally Buy The Right 'Green,' Strain


There’s also the Leafly app that can guide you whether you’re in Barcelona, Spain, or Anchorage, Alaska. Users can narrow the search to medical or recreational dispensaries, as well as search for and review doctors. Leafly also focuses on education and involvement offering users the option to shop for products and also learn about marijuana focused events that’ll be going on in their area. 

Here Are 5 Marijuana-Related Apps for 4/20


Known as the "Yelp of weed" (sensing a trend here?), Leafly specializes in online reviews of both marijuana dispensaries and specific strains of cannabis, while also allowing you to locate all of the dispensaries in your area. The company claims the Leafly website, which also offers news and and e-commerce links for marijuana-related products like vaporizers and apparel, sees 10 million unique visitors each month. Leafly is owned by Privateer Holdings, the cannabis-focused investment firm that recently became the industry's first to raise more than $100 million in financing.

420 event guide: 2017 edition


420 partygoers in the Pacific Northwest should definitely head to the Leafly Comedy Tour, which stops in Seattle for a performance from Mike Epps. San Francisco also gets a 420 show from Nikki Glaser, while Los Angeles is treated to a stand-up set from Pete Holmes of the hit HBO comedy, Crashing. These are also the most affordable events on the list, as tickets are available for the low price of — you guessed it: $4.20.

420 gift guide: Best gifts for all types of stoners


Fans of Bob Marley and roots reggae in general will love Marley Natural's beautifully-crafted pipes, bubblers, and assorted accessories. Materials such as sustainably sourced Black Walnut wood, 100 percent Italian leather, and hand-blown glass separates these classy pieces from your standard acrylic bongs and cheap metal pipes.

20 Of The Coolest Events Happening In Los Angeles This Week


Leafly, the go-to cannabis resource, revives its 2016 comedy tour for one night only at the Regent on Thursday to celebrate 4/20. Tickets are only $4.20 and proceeds will benefit Rise Up, a “social impact initiative created by the cannabis brand Marley Natural that promotes Bob Marley's vision of positive social change, environmental sustainability, and social justice.”

Ottawa doctor pioneers use of cannabis to help opioid addicts


That story is familiar to Philippe Lucas, the vice-president of patient advocacy at Tilray, a legal producer of medical marijuana in B.C. Before joining Tilray, Lucas founded a “compassion club” marijuana dispensary in Victoria that served many customers who had HIV-aids and hepatitis C they had contracted through injection drug use.

Pot legalization bill provides many answers, but leaves some key issues in limbo


"Professional companies must be allowed to explain to consumers why our products are superior to those offered by their illegal competitors," said Brendan Kennedy, president of Tilray, a Nanaimo, B.C.-based medical marijuana company that services the Canadian market.

Here's why the beauty world is embracing cannabis products like never before


Products in the Marley Natural body care line — which bears the name of reggae legend Bob Marley and includes lotion, soap, lip balm and body wash — contain cold-pressed hemp oil. Marley Natural spokeswoman Berrin Noorata cited in an email the benefits of the oil’s omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which, she says, contribute to good skin health. 

Licensed marijuana producers lobbying government to allow pot advertising in hazy new legislation


The legislation seemed to leave the door open to alcohol rather than tobacco-level advertising restrictions, said Brendan Kennedy, president of Tilray, one of the licensed producers behind that letter.

12 cannabis skin-care products worth trying


With an ingredients list that includes rosemary and lavender, baobab, shea butter and “Jamaican botanicals” — in addition to hemp seed oil — and a famous name on the label, the Hemp Seed Body Lotion and the entire Marley Natural line have attracted plenty of attention.