Leafly Claims App Of The Year Crown Over Tech Industry Giants

Leafly, the world’s largest mobile information resource for cannabis consumers, was named GeekWire.com’s App of the Year at their annual awards ceremony last night in Seattle. The GeekWire Awards celebrate the top startups, entrepreneurs, and tech innovations from the Pacific Northwest.

Described as “the Yelp of cannabis,” the Leafly app helps responsible cannabis consumers review and stay informed about cannabis strains and products and the best places to acquire them. Leafly also connects cannabis patients with doctors who can help them through the medical authorization process. Leafly includes more than 100,000 user generated reviews of more than 800 cannabis strains and thousands of dispensaries and doctor locations around the world. Leafly’s iOS and Android app have over 1.4 million downloads, and Leafly maintains a five-star rating on the App Store. Together, Leafly’s website and app receive more than 3 million visits every month.

“Our team is truly honored to receive this award,” said Leafly founder Cy Scott. “When we released the app, our goal was to offer a simple way for medical and recreational cannabis consumers to get robust information at their fingertips. This award is a win for all who support the cannabis movement.”

Leafly’s app was chosen as the winner in a public vote, beating a field of contenders including Parallels Access, a remote desktop app for iPad, Microsoft’s Office for iPad app, and Lively, a popular app for concert-goers. 

“Winning this award is a sign of the maturation of the cannabis industry,” said Nathan Peterson, Leafly’s director of marketing. “Our goal with Leafly is to elevate the conversation about cannabis above the stoner stereotypes that have plagued this subject for years. Being able to go toe-to-toe with apps from Microsoft and Parallels is a huge sign of success.”

GeekWire has praised Leafly’s functionality and its clean, professional appearance. With the Leafly app, users can search for cannabis strains by multiple attributes, effects, and medical uses simultaneously, view strain flavor profiles, and more. The app also gives users access to news and culture content, as well as a knowledge center that educates new cannabis consumers through FAQs, how-to guides, and terminology glossaries.

“We see Leafly as more than just an app,” continued Peterson. “It’s a tool for people to better educate themselves about cannabis and show their support for the cannabis movement. Whether someone is a connoisseur or a new patient who has just been handed a cannabis prescription and has no idea where to start, Leafly is an invaluable resource.”  

In addition to the Leafly mobile app, the company is focusing on expansion into global markets. This year Leafly launched Canada-specific versions of its website in both English (leafly.ca) and French (fr.leafly.ca). Leafly also recently introduced Leafly.es for Spain’s expanding cannabis movement. 

Leafly can be accessed online at Leafly.com. The Leafly mobile app is available for free download through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.