Kennedy And Jacobson To Speak At Web Summit's HealthConf In Lisbon

Privateer Holdings CEO Brendan Kennedy and Tilray Clinical Research Director Catherine Jacobson will be speaking on November 10 at Web Summit, one of Europe's largest and fastest growing technology conferences, in Lisbon, Portugal. Kennedy and Jacobson will be at HealthConf, the world's leading interdisciplinary healthtech gathering, which is part of the Web Summit umbrella. The pair will discuss the future of medical cannabis in Europe with Inc. journalist Will Yakowicz moderating the conversation. 

Currently, some of the most disruptive innovations in healthcare involve medical cannabis. Researchers are isolating compounds in the plant to develop precisely crafted medicines with the potential to ease suffering in tens of thousands of patients worldwide. Cannabis is on track to become a $200 billion global industry, and with efforts to legalize medical cannabis underway in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, the European Union has the potential to be on the cutting edge of this new frontier. At HealthConf, Kennedy and Jacobson will share insight and information about the future of cannabis-derived medicines, their potential to transform health and wellness, and opportunities to invest in this rapidly developing field.

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