Green Bits And Leafly Partner To Help Cannabis Businesses Inform Patients and Consumers

Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource, has partnered with Green Bits, the painless point-of-sale (POS) for cannabis retailers and dispensaries, to provide legal cannabis business owners an easier way to provide patients and consumers up-to-date menu information to help them choose the right product.

By combining Leafly’s process of helping consumers find the right strains and products in a fast, simple, and approachable manner with Green Bits’ painless marijuana POS and compliance software, participating cannabis retail stores will now always have up-to-date menu information available to patients and consumers on the Leafly platform.

Some cannabis retailers and dispensaries can spend up to an hour every day manually updating their menus. If menus are not regularly updated, customers could receive inaccurate inventory information and visit a store that no longer has the products they’re looking for in stock. This can result in less customer loyalty and missed revenue opportunities for legal cannabis dispensaries and retailers.

By integrating Green Bits POS and compliance software with Leafly’s platform, dispensaries and retailers will always have their menus updated automatically in real-time, empowering legal cannabis retailers to spend less time updating menus and more time serving customers.

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