Jacobson To Discuss Future of Research At Upcoming Conferences

 Dr. Catherine Jacobson 

Dr. Catherine Jacobson 

Catherine Jacobson, Tilray's Director of Clinical Research, works tirelessly to advance our scientific understanding of medical cannabis and ensure that patients who may benefits from cannabis-derived medicines have reliable access. She's also the mother of Ben, a six-year-old boy with severe epilepsy. Cannabidiol — a chemical compound found in cannabis more commonly known as CBD — is part of Ben's treatment regimen. 

In two op-eds published earlier this week by major publications, Catherine discusses her personal experiences and calls for much-needed reform. Her first piece, for the National Post, offers specific suggestions to improve Canada's federal medical cannabis program. Her second, for The Guardian, focuses on the status of medical cannabis in the the United States, and emphasizes how existing regulatory roadblocks have impeded vital research.

"The US government must do more than acknowledge the medical legitimacy of CBD and other cannabis compounds," Catherine writes, citing both her experiences as a parent and her training as a scientist. She urges the federal government to "make room for full scientific inquiry into standardization of the life-saving treatments many Americans already know exist." Catherine's powerful testimony moved readers around the world, and was even the basis for an article on Mic.com.

In the coming weeks, Catherine will be sharing additional insights at several conferences both in the United States and abroad. This week, she'll be in Toronto for a symposium hosted by the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids before heading to CannMed 2016 at the Harvard School of Medicine, where she'll deliver a presentation entitled "The Future of Medical Cannabis Use and Clinical Research." Later this month, you can find her at The Cannabis Science & Policy Summit at New York University, where she will present alongside other researchers and academics on cannabis use and its implication for health. 

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