Catherine Jacobson Debunks Medical Cannabis Myths on SiriusXM Radio Show

There are still far too many myths and misconceptions surrounding medical cannabis. On Tuesday, Dr. Catherine Jacobson, the Director of Clinical Research at Tilray, appeared on What She Said Radio to debunk those myths and answer some frequently asked questions. 

"One thing we really want to do at Tilray is destigmatize medical use," Catherine explained. "Because when you think about the people who are actually turning to cannabis, or these defined preparations of cannabinoids, they're people for whom all other medications have failed. They're people who are very sick, and they need help. We know that policy has stood in the way of science for too long...To me, these are compounds just like any other therapeutic compounds, and we would really like to be free to study them just like we would any other therapeutic compounds." 

What She Said Radio currently airs on SiriusXM. You can listen to their full interview with Catherine, which starts at 1:33, below.