Tilray Supports Canadian Medical Cannabis Council Petition To Expand Coverage For Vets

Veterans in Canada benefit from a comprehensive medical insurance coverage program that is unmatched by most countries in the world. Because medical cannabis is legal at the federal level in Canada, those benefits include the option of accessing medical cannabis as a treatment option. 

Since the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations were enacted in 2013, Veterans Affairs Canada has covered the costs of whole-flower medical cannabis for veterans who are registered with a licensed producer. This means that veterans who purchase medical cannabis from an LP have the option of smoking or vaporizing their cannabis. Unfortunately, however, veterans who are interested in non-smoked forms of cannabis, such as medical cannabis extracts, do not have that option under the current program.

Many veterans turn to medical cannabis to relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or chronic pain. All patients, including veterans, should have access to a variety of medical cannabis products to suit their particular needs, including medical cannabis extracts. 

The Canadian Medical Cannabis Council (CMCC), of which Tilray is a founding member, has submitted an e-petition asking VAC to cover the cost of cannabis extract products for Canada’s military and law enforcement veterans.

Canadians who are interested in singing the petition may do on the Parliament of Canada’s website. The deadline to add signatures is December 2. Learn more about the CMCC here.