Leafly Celebrates The Global Cannabis Movement At Hanfparade In Berlin

Hanfparade ("Hemp Parade"), Germany's largest pro-cannabis demonstration, celebrated its 20th anniversary last week. On Aug. 13, an estimated 10,000 attendees gathered in Berlin to march in the annual parade and voice their support for cannabis legalization in Germany while enjoying music, dancing, and camaraderie. Naturally, Leafly was on hand to join the festivities and provide educational opportunities for participants.

As the event’s main sponsor, Leafly was on site, rolling down the parade route in a 40-ton truck. Along for the ride were some of the best-known activists in Germany as well as two of Berlin’s hottest DJs. At the end of the parade route, a Leafly booth attracted visitors interested in learning more about the characteristics of various cannabis strains — information that’s still very much lacking in Germany. Leafly giveaways and a souvenir photo booth allowed attendees to capture the moment. Watch a video of the excitement below: 

Leafly's mission is to educate patients and consumers no matter where they live or what language they speak. People all over the world consume cannabis and deserve reliable information about strains, their effects, methods of consumption, responsible use, and more. As events like Hanfparade demonstrate, the cannabis movement is global, and Leafly is, too.