Urban Outfitters Welcomes Marley Natural Body Care

Urban Outfitters, the popular apparel and lifestyle retailer with over 200 locations worldwide, now carries a select assortment of Marley Natural body care products in its online store. Marley Natural's hemp seed hand cream, body wash, bar soap, and signature essential oil blend — all of which are made from a blend of all-natural Jamaican botanicals — are available to purchase. 

Marley Natural was also highlighted as a "featured brand" on Urban Outfitter's UO Blog. The post went "behind the scenes" to familiarize consumers with some of the beneficial effects of the all-natural botanicals included in Marley Natural products, including Bitter Kola Nut, Guinea Hen Weed, and Greater Burdock. 

In addition to Urban Outfitters, Marley Natural body care products are available at the Marley Natural Shop and at numerous retail locations across the United States.