Leafly Vote Campaign Prompts Civic Engagement, Chronicles Election

In October, the Leafly team launched the Leafly Vote campaign, an effort to educate Leafly users and the general public about cannabis reform and the 2016 election. The campaign began with the creation of a multimedia online resource that highlighted the stories of cannabis activists; explained each cannabis reform measure on the 2016 ballot; and provided information about how to support each of the reform efforts, get involved, and register to vote. The campaign also had an interactive component, encouraging visitors to share their own reasons for supporting legalization using the hashtag #WhatsYourReason on social media. 

Last night, the campaign culminated with live news coverage from the Leafly News team. As vote tallies came in from around the country, Leafly News writers provided real-time election coverage and commentary, publishing articles about the various ballot measures just moments after they had passed. Throughout the night, Leafly was sought after as the most reliable and comprehensive source of cannabis election news. Their efforts resulted in the largest amount of traffic Leafly has seen in a single day ever.

Kudos to the Leafly team for raising awareness about legalization and achieving this impressive accomplishment.