Leafly Investigation Shows That Legal Cannabis = Jobs

The U.S. legal cannabis industry currently supports over 122,000 full-time jobs in at least 29 states, according to an investigation released earlier this month by Leafly News

No fewer than 122,814 Americans work in the legal cannabis industry, the report concludes, with occupations that range from farmer to botanist to attorney to engineer. "Behind every one of those jobs is a hard-working, taxpaying American," note writers Bruce Barcott and Gage Peake, who conducted the investigation. 

The report also underscores the size and scope of the legal cannabis industry. As Barcott and Peake write: "With $1.27 billion in sales in 2016, Washington state’s cannabis crop now represents the second most valuable farmed commodity in that state, behind only apples—and ahead of milk, potatoes, and wheat."

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