Brendan Kennedy To Speak At Web Summit In Lisbon

Privateer Holdings CEO Brendan Kennedy will be in Lisbon this November to speak at Web Summit, one of the world's largest conferences dedicated to tech and innovation. The conference, which regularly attracts tens of thousands of attendees and thousands of members of the press, regularly attracts noted leaders from a variety of fields and disciplines. This year's speakers include former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres, and other luminaries. 

On November 8, Brendan will share the story of how Tilray became a global leader in medical cannabis research and production in a HyperGrowth! Health presentation. The next day, he'll participate in a conversation entitled "Portugal and Europe's budding medical marijuana market," where he'll discuss the future of medical cannabis in the European Union. You can view Web Summit's full schedule here

The conference comes as Tilray pursues aggressive growth in the European Union in response to high unmet demand for high-quality pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products. In September, Tilray announced plans to build a €20 million EU Campus in Cantanhede, Portugal. Located in the BIOCANT Research Park in Cantanhede, Tilray’s EU Campus will cultivate, process, package, and distribute GMP-grade medical cannabis products to qualified patients, pharmacies, and researchers throughout the European common market. The announcement marks the first time a medical cannabis producer has been licensed to operate in two countries, a milestone for both Tilray and the industry as a whole.