New Poll Shows 93% Of Americans Support Medical Cannabis

A Quinnipiac University National Poll released late last week indicates that an overwhelming majority of American voters — 93 percent — supports the legalization of medical cannabis. Fifty-nine percent of voters also believe that adult-use cannabis should be legal. 

In addition, U.S. voters believe states whose voters have chosen to legalize medical or adult-use cannabis consumption should not be subject to intervention from the federal government. Seventy-one percent of Americans agree with that position.

These results suggest that support for cannabis policy reform among Americans has increased since June 2016, the last time Quinnipiac surveyed voters on cannabis before last week's results. According to that poll, 89 percent of voters supported medical cannabis legalization and 54 percent supported the legalization of cannabis for adult consumption. 

Last week's findings were part of a larger survey examining voter attitudes toward a variety of hot-button issues, including immigration, tax policy, and healthcare. More information about the Quinnipiac Poll can be found here