How a Cannabis Beauty Brand Is Changing Stoner Stereotypes in Paris

How a Cannabis Beauty Brand Is Changing Stoner Stereotypes in Paris


On July 4, fashion favorite Colette unveiled a pop-up of Marley Natural's body care and smoking accessories. “It’s important to show people that cannabis has so many uses beyond smoking,” said Bob Marley's granddaughter Zuri Marley, who made her first trip to Paris for the launch. 

Cannabis Couture: Is Luxury the Latest Trend in Marijuana Packaging?


"The cannabis industry has grown so significantly in the past few years that luxury brands within the cannabis market are quickly paving the way for new ideas in consumption,” explained Hannah Meadows, an author at the online resource Leafly." 

Cannabis Extracts: The Next Canadian Oil Boom


Tilray lists three capsule products (low THC, medium THC and low balanced THC/CBD) and four oil drops (indica, sativa, hybrid and high CBD). The carrier oils it use include coconut oil (for drops) and sunflower lecithin oil (for capsules), and it uses a cold extraction method. Tilray has exported extracts to both Chile and New Zealand.

How to Spot the Differences Between These Three Types of Marijuana


You can consult cannabis analytics resources such as Leafly to read user reviews and learn about each strain's genetics. Dispensaries will typically label hybrids as either sativa or indica-dominant, which can help you figure out which hybrid is right for you.

Marketing Medical Cannabis


Earlier this month, Tilray made a big change in how it will be marketing its medical cannabis products. Historically, it was selling its dried cannabis products under common strain names, but it has adopted a new strategy that it calls Tilray Profiles, a categorization  and packaging system to simplify the process of choosing medical cannabis products.

The future of legal pot


“We applaud this historic step the federal government has taken, which ensures patients have access to a secure and stable medical cannabis system,” said Brendan Kennedy, president of Tilray, a licensed medical marijuana producer in Nanaimo, British Columbia. “It is vital that public and private drug insurance providers work to provide coverage for medical cannabis in a manner consistent with other medical products.”

Brands & activism: The shift from corporation to “community of citizens”

Brands & activism: The shift from corporation to “community of citizens”


As legalization takes hold, it will be incumbent upon cannabis brands to lead the way. “Sitting on the sidelines isn't an option for us because activism is inherent to everything we do,” explains Zack Hutson, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Privateer Holdings.

The Professionalization of Pot is a Major Game-changer

“Canada has a rich and robust $8 billion in annual revenue black market. And they need to give consumers a reason to turn away from that market,” says Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Seattle-based Privateer Holdings, one of the first global investors in the cannabis industry. “It’s about bringing people out of the shadows and into the light, elevating the conversation, and creating jobs and opportunities within this new legal system.”

How to safely try edibles: A guide for beginners


Adults with that recommendation in hand can find the closest dispensary through websites such as Weedmaps and Leafly, or they can order home delivery via platforms such as Eaze and GreenRush. The key is to search for a shop that sells lab-tested products – something that’s not yet required under California law.

Cannabidiol reduces seizures in kids with severe form of epilepsy, trial shows


At Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital, neurologist Blathnaid McCoy is conducting a similar study. She and her team have just enrolled their 20th and final participant in a Tilray-sponsored trial of a combination CBD and THC treatment for children with Dravet syndrome.

This POC Cannabis Group Is Helping Seattleites Get Their Pot Convictions Expunged Tomorrow


This Saturday, May 20, the MCBA and Marley Natural will host their first expungement event in Seattle and are inviting adults who were convicted of cannabis crimes in Washington to sign up for a two-hour appointment.

Patients replacing prescription drugs with cannabis, updated Canadian study says


An exciting landmark study released in February 2017 showed that when given the choice, patients reach for cannabis rather than prescribed opioids. The study is being updated in time for the 2017 Lift Expo, where Tilray vice president of patient research and study lead Philippe Lucas will present it.

Rise Up Washington Working To Remove Cannabis Crimes From Your Record


The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) is pairing with Marley Natural to host Rise Up Washington, a day dedicated to combating the war on drugs. On May 20th, they will help Washington residents remove cannabis related crimes from their records.

Minority cannabis business owners to help people clear marijuana records


The group, in partnership with Marley Natural, hosted a similar event in Portland last August, successfully assisting 25 people vacate their records. Event planners hope to support at least 50 people to expunge their records in Seattle.

Canadian Cannabis Producers Poised to Dominate the Global Marijuana Market


Currently, there are four giant companies that effectively control the medical marijuana sector in Canada: Cronos Group, Canopy Growth Corporation (which has already collaborated with Snoop Dogg), Aphria, and Tilray. There’s no doubt that each of these cannabis producers will surely direct their attention towards the impending Canadian recreational system, but they’ve also taken advantage of the budding medical marijuana market that has started to develop across the globe. 

Canadian weed producers will dominate the global marijuana market


When it comes to the market for exporting weed, big Canadian LPs have clearly established a first-mover advantage. There are currently 29 countries that recognize some form of medical cannabis, but only two of those countries — Canada and The Netherlands — export weed for medical use. In fact, the medical marijuana export market is dominated by just four Canadian weed producers: Cronos Group, Canopy Growth Corporation, Aphria, and Tilray.