Ex-DEA agent turned pot venture capitalist: Legalizing marijuana is good for the economy

Ex-DEA agent turned pot venture capitalist: Legalizing marijuana is good for the economy


Selling pot can help create jobs, free up law enforcement officials, and generate tax revenue, says Patrick Moen, managing director and general counsel at Seattle-based Privateer Holdings.

A country-by-country guide to Canada’s cannabis exports


With their export of capsule-based CBD/THC pills to Croatia, Tilray claims that it was the first transaction in which “medical cannabis products containing THC are being legally imported into the European Union from North America for commercial medical use.” The liquid capsules will be available with a THC:CBD ratio of roughly 1:1. Tilray says it took over a year to facilitate the export process.

Canada needs to expand recreational marijuana products: Q&A with Tilray CEO Brendan Kennedy


The CEO of one of Canada’s fast-growing marijuana companies has a piece of advice for the federal government: Permit a wider variety of products beyond buds and oils when the recreational market launches next year.

Chile: Medicamentos con THC ahora estarán disponibles en todo el país


Los medicamentos, prescritos como alternativa para el tratamiento del dolor crónico, son elaborados en Canadá por el laboratorio Tilray e importados por Alef Biotechnology, la única compañía que hasta ahora tiene autorización del Gobierno para producir e importar medicamentos en base a cannabis.

Bob Marley cannabis brand launches new product line in California


Marley Natural, the official Bob Marley cannabis brand, on Monday announced the debut of STUDIO, a new line of cannabis flower available in California. In a news release, Marley Natural said the new product is inspired by the collaborations that brought Bob Marley’s music to life.

Big-name tech investors pour millions into marijuana — both medicinal and not


And in the first public endorsement of the industry from a major biotech investor, Thiel’s Founders Fund has sent millions to Privateer Holdings, a Seattle private equity firm that backs research into medical marijuana products, among other cannabis-related ventures.

What Dispensary Employees Should Know About Chronically Ill Patients


Adam doesn’t disappoint: “I have something I just tried recently, very good.” This is the right answer because Zaine doesn’t like to purchase anything the budtender hasn’t tried themselves. While Adam talks, Zaine is cross-checking reviews on Leafly to see what other people have said and to see if Adam knows what he’s talking about. “I give them one chance to tell me the truth.” Zaine explains, “Just one, that’s it.”

Week in Review: Privateer’s big marijuana raise, Dixie’s edibles recall & a Roger Stone-spurred boycott


Privateer Holdings’ recent $58 million raise proves the Seattle-based medical marijuana firm was wise to go beyond U.S. borders, says an industry analyst.

Stir It Up With Marley Red CBD Rich by Marley Natural


The family of the legendary reggae star and Rastafarian Bob Marley has launched an official company, Marley Natural to market cannabis products like flower, pre-rolls and body lotion along with pipes and accessories. The flower comes in indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD-rich strains, they are packaged in pre-weighed one-eighth containers and are cultivated from high quality plants. What’s cool is the inclusion of CBD flower; I’m always on the look out for some but they are a scarce breed.

Venta de medicamentos en base a cannabis se expande a todo Chile


Desde hoy y en 418 locales de la farmacia Salcobrand en todo el país ya están disponibles dos fármacos en base a cannabis – TC 100 y T 100 del laboratorio canadiense Tilray- que en mayo pasado comenzaron su venta en Santiago, pero que desde ahora se podrán obtener en todas las regiones del país.

Why risk it? Cannabis grower Tilray steers clear of U.S. market


Tilray operates one of the world's most sophisticated federally licensed medical cannabis cultivation facilities in B.C. The company now plans a second operation, in Ontario, as it aggressively expands international exports. But President Brendan Kennedy says the unclear legal status or marijuana south of the border means it's too dangerous to invest there.

5 lessons that changed my perspective on cannabis


The cannabis oil drops I use by Tilray have a ratio of three parts CBD to one part THC, so the CBD is three times more than the THC. It provides me with mild pain relief with minimal mind alteration other than some relaxation and increased focus.